The Big Bang may be a black hole inside another universe

The Big Bang may be a black hole inside another universe

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The Standard Big Bang Model

Where is the center of the universe?

So how can we be inside a black hole?

Why is the BHBBT a good idea?

The Horizon Problem

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The horizon problem shows that two regions of the universe, as given by two areas of the sky of the CMB, would not have had time to communicate information. In fact, they would have only had about 300 Ky to have become correlated since the Big Bang itself. Therefore, they should not be correlated with one another but only with nearby regions. But we observe that the entire universe is largely correlated. (Image by Wikipedia User Theresa knott)

The Flatness Problem

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Source: Author: NASA / WMAP Science Team

Black Hole Information Paradox

Is it true?

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