Kawanable Kyōsai’s Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (1890)

Kawanable Kyōsai’s Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (1890) Kawanabe Kyōsai (1831–1889), aka “The Demon of Painting”, composed this book of woodblock illustrations toward the end of a life that had begun during the Edo period, when Japan was still a feudal country, and ended in the midst of the Meiji period, when the country was transforming into a modern state. Kyōsai was by all accounts the bad boy artist of his era. Considered both Japan’s first political caricaturist and one of the first authors of a manga magazine (Eshunbun Nipponchi), Kyōsai was arrested by the shogunate three times for his commitment to free expression. Also, he made no secret of his love for sake. The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (Hyakki Yagyō) is a thousand-plus-year-old Japanese folkloric tradition, in which a series of demons parades — or explodes — into the ordinary human world. Kyōsai’s version was, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which houses the book, one of the artist’…

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I/thee builds prototype papier-mache home on Texas cattle farm | 25 June 20208 comments Nearly 300 pounds of paper was cast in large holes in the ground before being flipped over to create the Agg Hab prototype home on a Texas ranch, which the designers claim is one of the "world's largest, self-supporting, papier-mache structures."
US design-build studio I/thee and curatorial platform Roundhouse completed two structures called Agg Hab, short for Aggregate Habitat, on a cattle farm in Clarendon, Texas, as part of an artists' residency.
Large holes were burrowed nearly two metres deep into the ground to form casts for the papier-mache domes, which are made out of nearly 270 pounds worth of recycled paper and 200 litres of non-toxic glues.
The team said the protoype is an example of an eco-dwelling due to the materials used.
"Most of the project was made out of recycled papers, and the adhesives were all handmade by our team on-site using no …